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A Quarter of Mega Mix

A Quarter of Mega Mix

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Remember when you'd visit your local sweet shop and request a quarter of sweets? Now, we use grams, and a typical quarter used to weigh roughly 113g. A Quarter of Mega Mix, however, contains 150g of goodies, including 15 different quarters of individually-packaged sweetie bags and 20 bars of chocolate. This product may contain milk, nuts, eggs, and Soya, and has a minimum shelf life of 6 months.


100g Milk Bottles
100g Fruit Jellies
100g Dolly Mixture
100g Fudge
100g Wine Gums
100g Milkshake Bottles
100g Strawberry Bon Bons
100g Midget Gems
100g Pink and White Mice
100g Jazzies
100g Liquorice Allsorts
100g American Hard Gums
100g Jelly Beans
100g Jelly Babys
100g Cola Bottles
2 x Crunchie
2 x Smarties
2 x Fudge
2 x Double Decker
2 x Chomp
2 x Curly Wurly
2 x Dairy Milk
2 x Mars Bar
2 x Maltesers
2 x Wispa

Presented in a wicker tray

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