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Love The Hamper

Sweets of the 50s

Sweets of the 50s

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Assortment of sweets in this box have been carefully selected to authentically capture the flavors of the 1950s. This collection of nostalgic treats makes an excellent gift that will surely evoke the fondness of their youth.


1 Giant Parma Violets
1 Sherbet Fountain
10 Black Jacks
100g Jelly Beans
100g Fruit Jellies
100g Dolly Mixture
100g Fudge
100g Wine Gums
100g Milkshake Bottles
100g Strawberry Bon Bons
100g Midget Gems
100g Pink and White Mice
100g Red and Blackberries
100g American Hard Gums

Presented in a 1950,s gift box

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