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Love The Hamper

Proudly Vegan

Proudly Vegan

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Dive into a realm of ethical indulgence with the Proudly Vegan gift set. From the sinfully delicious Lazy Day Chocolate Tiffin and zesty Ooh! Chocolata Dairy-Free Orange Milk Chocolate to the savoury complexity of Arran Fine Foods Tomato ; Red Pepper Chutney, each item is a vegan delight. With a range, including the spicy Mr. Filbert's Chilli ; Lime Peanuts, sweet Love Popcorn, and the velvety Pais de Poetas Chilean Merlot, this collection doesn't just cater to the palate but also to ethical, compassionate choices, ensuring every bite and sip is delightfully plant based.


Angelic Chilli ; Caramelised Onion Savoury Biscuits 142g Arran Fine Foods Tomato ; Red Pepper Chutney 185g Brown Bag Crisps Oak Smoked Chilli Crisps 150g Lazy Day Chocolate Tiffin 150g Mr Filbert's Chilli ; Lime Peanuts 40g Oloves Chili ; Oregano Natural Green Pitted Olives 30g Ooh! Chocolata Dairy Free ; Vegan Orange Milk Chocolate 100g Love Popcorn Sweet Snacking Bag 27g ? Merlot Pais de Poetas Chile 75cl 12.5% vol

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