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Love The Hamper

Wine & Cheese Slate

Wine & Cheese Slate

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Embark on a savoury journey with the Wine ; Cheese Slate, uniting gourmet cheeses, zesty chutney, robust crackers, and exquisite wine, all elegantly displayed on a chic cheese slate. Savour the richness of Long Clawson Blue Stilton, the mature flavour of The Mouse House Vintage English Cheddar, and the vibrant Red Leicester Truckle. Enhance your cheese tasting with the sweet and spicy Arran Fine Foods Chutney and the hearty MOR Spelt ; Sourdough Crackers, whilst sipping on the bold MG Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. A sophisticated, flavourful adventure awaits!


Arran Fine Foods Tomato ; Red Pepper Chutney 185g Long Clawson Blue Stilton Wedge 150g MOR Wholemeal Spelt ; Sourdough Snap Crackers 115g The Mouse House Finest Vintage English Cheddar Truckle 200g The Mouse House Red Leicester Truckle 190g Cabernet Sauvignon MG Estate 37.5cl 13% vol

Presented on a Slate 30cm x 20cm

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