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Coffee & Cake

Coffee & Cake

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The Coffee ; Cake Gift invites you to a world of sweet and rich indulgences, featuring Maxwell ; Franks' delectable cakes, honeyed oat crumbles, and creamy Linden Lady Milk Chocolate. Paired with a robust medium roast coffee, and presented with two stylish green mugs on a whitewash wooden tray, this selection provides a delightful experience for all sweet tooth and coffee enthusiasts.


Edinburgh Tea ; Coffee Company Medium Roast Ground Coffee 113g Linden Lady Milk Chocolate Bar with Fruit Nut ; Pumpkin Seeds 100g Maxwell ; Franks 4" Round Fruit Cake Topped with Cherries ; Almonds Maxwell ; Franks Chocolate Cake 200g Reids Honey ; Oatmeal Oat Crumbles 150g Van Roy Mint Creams 90g Green Mug x 2

Supplied in a Whitewash Wooden Tray

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