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Love The Hamper

Giant Retro Sweet Hamper

Giant Retro Sweet Hamper

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This generously sized wicker hamper is overflowing with a substantial selection of our retro sweets and chocolate bars. It makes a great present for a large office or family, and includes in excess of 250 servings of sweets and chocolate bars.

Weight will vary but is usually around 25KG

Due to the size of this hamper, it can take a couple of days to make so next day delivery will not be available.

May contain milk, nuts, eggs, Soya.

Product Expiry Date. Minimum 6 Months.


12 Wham Bars
6 Refresher Pack
12 Popping Candy
6 Giant Parma Violets
6 Double Dip
6 Flump
18 Strawberry Cables
72 Flying Saucers
6 Packs Of Hubba Bubba
2 Sherbet Fountains
6 Love Hearts Pack
12 Refresher Bars
24 Double Lollies
60 Fried Eggs
18 Drumsticks
48 Strawberries
780g Cola Bottles
6 Dip Dab
60 Fruit Salad
12 Rainbow Drops
36 Bananas
60 Black Jacks
780g Jelly Beans
780g Jelly Babys
780g Milk Bottles
780g Fruit Jellies
780g Dolly Mixture
780g Fudge
780g Wine Gums
780g Milkshake Bottles
780g Strawberry Bon Bons
780g Midget Gems
780g Pink and White Mice
780g Jazzies
780g Liquorice Allsorts
780g American Hard Gums 1
2 x Crunchie
12 x Smarties
12 x Fudge
12 x Double Decker
12 x Chomp
12 x Curly Wurly
12 x Dairy Milk
12 x Mars Bar
12 x Maltesers
12 x Wispa

Presented in a wicker basket Size 56cm x 26cm x 37cm Weighs around 25kg

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