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Love The Hamper

Gluten & Wheat Free Goodies

Gluten & Wheat Free Goodies

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Immerse yourself in a delicious journey with Gluten ; Wheat Free Goodies. Enjoy the luxurious Lazy Day Millionaire's Shortbread, and savour the sweet Ooh! Chocolata Dairy-Free ; Vegan Honeycomb Milk Chocolate. Explore diverse flavours with Popcorn Kitchen s Lemon Drizzle, Sweet Lounge Fizzy Cola Bottles, Mr. Filbert's Honey ; Peppercorn Mixed Nuts, and Oloves' Lemon ; Rosemary Natural Green Pitted Olives. Angelic Multi Seed Savoury Biscuits and Yorkshire Crisps with Natural Sea Salt conclude this thoughtful, scrumptious selection, ensuring every bite is a celebration of taste without compromise.


Angelic Multi Seed Savoury Biscuits 142g Lazy Day Millionaire's Shortbread 150g Mr Filbert's Honey ; Peppercorn Mixed Nuts 40g Oloves Lemon ; Rosemary Natural Green Pitted Olives 30g Ooh! Chocolata Dairy Free ; Vegan Honeycomb Milk Chocolate 100g Popcorn Kitchen Lemon Drizzle 30g Yorkshire Crisps Natural Sea Salt 50g Sweet Lounge Fizzy Cola Bottles 65g

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