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Italian Wine Duo

Italian Wine Duo

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Immerse yourself in the diverse world of Italian wines with the Italian Wine Duo, elegantly packaged in a Wine Duo Gift Box. This pairing of superb wines offers a rich exploration of Italy's renowned winemaking traditions.

The Zonin Ventiterre Merlot Italiano is a red wine that showcases the smooth, ripe fruit flavours that Merlot grapes are known for. Its rich, velvety texture makes it a delightful choice for any red wine lover.

In contrast, the Zonin Ventiterre Soave is a crisp, refreshing white wine. It's perfect balance of citrus and floral notes make it an ideal accompaniment to lighter meals or as a refined aperitif.

The Italian Wine Duo is an exquisite gift for wine connoisseurs and beginners alike. It promises an authentic taste of Italy's diverse wine regions, making any occasion special. This pair is a perfect way to celebrate the season or any memorable event.


Merlot Zonin Ventiterre Italy 75cl 12% vol e
Soave Ventiterre Zonin Italy 75cl 12% vol e

Supplied in a Decorative Postal Outer

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