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Love The Hamper

Love You Gift

Love You Gift

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The Love You gift is an affectionate embrace of delectable treats and bubbly delights. Begin with the heartwarming Crunch ; Crumble Two Heart Biscuits, navigate through the sweet declaration made by GNAW's 'Love You Chocolots' Bar, and relish the romantic twist of Joe ; Seph's White Chocolate ; Strawberry Popcorn. Share sweet words with Swizzels Giant Love Hearts and toast to sweet memories with two bottles of R&R Robert ; Reeves Prosecco. Each item, a delicious ode, crafts a beautiful message of adoration.


Crunch ; Crumble Heart Shaped Shortbread Biscuits GNAW Milk Chocolate Bar 100g Swizzels Giant Love Hearts 39g x 2 Joe ; Seph's White Chocolate ; Strawberry Popcorn 32g Prosecco R&R Robert ; Reeves Italy 20cl 11% vol

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