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Tear & Share

Tear & Share

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Evoke collective nostalgia and sweet moments of sharing with the Tear ; Share gift collection. This assembly of classic candies and chocolates, from the playful and iconic Cadbury selections to the creamy and tempting offerings from Mars and Nestle, invites shared smiles and enjoyment. Barratt s and Swizzels' timeless favourites provide a colourful, tantalizing journey through various textures and flavours, ensuring a treat to satisfy every sweet tooth. Fizz Wiz s popping candy brings an effervescent adventure, making the collection a joyful trip down memory lane and a shared treasure trove of delectable moments.


Barrat Black Jacks 36g Barrat Fruit Salad 36g Barratt Dip Dab 23g Barratt Flumps 20g x2 Barratt Refreshers 34g Barratt Sherbet Fountain 5g Cadbury Chomp Bar 23.5g x 2 Cadbury Curlywurly 21.5g Cadbury Freddo Milk Chocolate 18g Cadbury Fudge 25.5g x 2 Fizz Wiz Super Loud Strawberry Flavour Popping Candy x 2 Mars Milky Way 21.5g x 2 Nestle Milkybar Buttons 30g Nestle Rolos 52g Nestle Smarties 38g Swizzels Giant Love Hearts 39g Swizzels Matlow Double Dip 19g Swizzels Matlow Mega Double Lollies 32g Swizzels Matlow Rainbow Drops 32g

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