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Love The Hamper

Veritably Vegan

Veritably Vegan

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Discover the delights of the Veritably Vegan gift bag, a luscious selection of treats presented in a lively green gift bag. From the decadent layers of Lazy Day Millionaire's Shortbread to the crunchy, rich Ooh! Chocolata Vegan Honeycomb Milk Chocolate, each bite is an indulgence. Savoury adventures await with Arran Fine Foods ear ; Plum Chutney and Easy Bean s crisp, flavourful crackers. Enjoy the balanced sweetness of Love Popcorn, the creamy Melting Pot Vegan Vanilla Fudge, and a savoury pause with Mr. Filbert's Nuts and Oloves Basil ; Garlic Olives. A truly delectable, vegan-friendly journey.


Arran Fine Foods Pear ; Plum Chutney 190g Easy Bean Yellow Pea ; Sunflower Seed Crackers 150g Lazy Day Millionaire's Shortbread 150g Love Popcorn Salty Sweet Snacking Bag 27g Melting Pot Vegan Handmade Fudge Madagascar Vanilla 90g Mr Filbert's Sea Salt ; Herb Mixed Nuts 40g Oloves Basil ; Garlic Natural Green Pitted Olives 30g Ooh! Chocolata Dairy Free ; Vegan Honeycomb Milk Chocolate 50g Green

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